This is a tool which allows you to mute your microphone in a convenient way.


One day, a co-worker asked if someone knows a small tool, which allows him to mute his microphone, like he can mute the audio. We were a little bit confused, because no one knows such a tool. However, most (if not all) Ultrabooks or Notebooks have a microphone equipped. So I decided to write this little tool.

It resides in the notification area as a mircofone symbol (keep in mind to make it visible, it's normally hidden). With a simple right-click, you can (un-)mute your microphone. It even has a force-mode, where it tries to prevent other applications from re-enabling the microphone (E.g. Skype does this. NSA might do it. :P).



If you came here by accident, and don't want the source, but rather precompiled binaries, head over to the Releases. You might want to pick the topmost release. You can also just download the .exe that is provided here.


I cannot find the microphone icon!

It's located in the lower right part of the Windows taskbar. Depending on your settings, you might need to press the "^"-arrow that's next to the symbols.

Where do I set the hotkey?

Simply right-click on the icon, select "Settings..." and pick your Hotkey in the Settings.

Where do I set the autostart?

Simply right-click on the icon, select "Settings..." and activate Autostart.