[003] Adding procedural islands

Shaping the map

It's been a while since the last update. I cannot believe that it's already been three weeks... Anyways, I started working on the map. This is what it looks like for now:

This image shows a tile based map

This is a map made out of 1024 x 1024 tiles. Blockbound currently uses the awesome FastNoiseLite-Library for dotnet. I use OpenSimplex2 with some settings related to fractals. It also uses a falloff map.

In case you are wondering: The map is not optimized for zoomed-out view - that's why it only runs at 5 FPS. It's currently sending millions of triangles to the GPU.

A picture depicting the amount of triangles being send to the GPU. It shows 20280000 elements

Using a Falloff map

The Falloff map will gradually slope the world towards the ocean, so that it will end up with an island shape. This creates a natural border for the player, so we don't need any "alpha walls" that artificially block the player. The player can swim in the ocean, but will drown at some point.

Next steps

Currently, the map shows the typical "ring" shapes - water is surrounded by beach, which is surrounded by grass. Dirt is surrounded by grass, and rock is surrounded by dirt. That somehow works, but it's not that great. I'll add more variance to it, by removing the terraces.