[001] Welcome!

4 weeks ago I started working on a roguelike(-rpg?) I'd like to call Blockbound, which hopefully mixes up Skyrim, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress in an interesting way. I'm pretty much at the beginning of a journey that should go on for many years (at least that's what I'm aiming for!).

I'll use my own tiny engine, which is based on SFML and .NET 5 - so, in theory, it should be able to run on Linux and Mac some day.

There isn't much to show yet, except for a small-ish video (15 MB) I made to show the overall style (In case the video is giving you a hard time loading: Here is a screenshot instead). I'd like to use pictograms as much as I can. A bit more than simple ASCII, but less than full-fledged pixel art. Quasi how rogue could be built nowadays. (Although, maybe one would even opt for emojis today. We'll never know. :D ). For now I'm quite happy with the little trees I've got.^^

I'd like to include seasons, a weather system, small villages and the ability to build yourself a small shelter. Somehow like adventure mode of DF mixed with building abilities from Minecraft. I'm not sure if I'll ever succeed, but hey... Maybe building it is all what's it about. :)

The next step will be to rework the prototype code to something more "sustainable".

So long!